Mastering the Art of Love

Love isn't just a sporadic burst of emotions; it's an art, a skill demanding dedication and finesse. In the heartwarming embrace of February, we explore the multiple layers that make up the true essence of love, particularly within the sanctity of marriage and family. I share tales close to my heart, revealing moments where respect, kindness, and honor outshone the fleeting nature of passion, gracefully guiding us toward a deeper understanding of affection. Relationship expert Jennifer Finlayson-Fife lends her profound insights, highlighting the transformative power of honesty and the courage it takes to look inward, rather than casting blame. Embrace the journey of enhancing your relationships by nurturing love as a potent skill that can be thoughtfully developed over time.

Gratitude overflows as I reach out to you, my cherished listeners, who have walked with me through the intricate dance of life post-adversity. Your unwavering support has been the bedrock of our growing community, one that thrives on the shared pursuit of joy and personal growth. As we meander through the myriad experiences of living fully, your engagement breathes life into our collective narrative. I extend a heartfelt invitation for you to join the conversation, whether through social media, by subscribing to our email list, or by sharing your reflections in reviews and ratings. Together, let's celebrate the uncharted day ahead, filled with promise and the warm glow of connection.

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Hi, I’m Jennifer

I love helping women and men heal from betrayal. I originally started this podcast with my husband and since my divorce I have taken it solo. I love sharing and talking about the 50/50 of life and providing tools to help you along your path to healing.

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