Exploring the Power of Breathwork for Healing and Transformation

What if the key to overcoming life's biggest challenges could be found in the simple act of conscious breathing? I'm Life Coach Jen, and I’ve experienced first-hand how breathwork helped me release trapped emotions and traumas, leading to my transformation. On this journey, I've become a certified breathwork coach and discovered how it can provide a powerful healing experience similar to talk therapy, sans the need for verbal expression. 

Let me take you through this intriguing world of breathwork, detailing its countless benefits including improved blood pH, anti-inflammatory effects, and enhanced mental focus. As a practitioner of this unique therapeutic approach, I’ll share the type of breathwork I was trained in, and important safety measures to consider when bringing this self-care tool into your routine. There's an opportunity here to explore breathwork either online or in person, and I welcome you to join me in creating your 'happily even after.' Let's walk this path together, finding healing, growth, and transformation through the power of breath.

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Hi, I’m Jennifer

I love helping women and men heal from betrayal. I originally started this podcast with my husband and since my divorce I have taken it solo. I love sharing and talking about the 50/50 of life and providing tools to help you along your path to healing.

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