I help you go from surviving to thriving after Betrayal

I created my “10 things NOT to do after you discover an affair” guide to help you along your healing journey.


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I’m Life Coach Jen

Feeling devastated, lost, despair, rejected, angry, vengeful or insecure because your spouse cheated? I can relate. I experienced all these emotions and more during my 26 year marriage each time I discovered my husband cheated on me. The amount of both physical and mental energy I spent coping with the discovery of the betrayal and trying to figure out how to move forward with my life was exhausting, confusing and often times incredibly lonely.

I rode the intense emotional roller coaster and felt stuck and traumatized for years. I now know it didn’t have to be that way. It’s the reason I became a trauma-informed certified life coach who helps people like you navigate their post-betrayal world. I have the tools, processes and knowledge to help you not only heal from the betrayal, but create a healthy future relationship whether it’s the one you’re in or a new one.


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It is time to start healing instead of reeling from betrayal

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