Heartfelt Q and A with Meghan: A Deep Dive into Jen’s Life

Ever wondered who you would invite to a dinner if you could choose anyone in the world, living or dead? Join me, Jen, on a heartfelt journey with my daughter Meghan as I relive some precious memories and share my choice of inviting my late brother Justin and a lively group of friends known as the diamond dolls; and find out how they connect to a popular TV show! 

From crucible beginnings in Cuba to an adventurous life in Colorado, we weave through my life's narratives and how they have shaped me. Brace yourself for some candid conversations about my celebrity crush, morning rituals, my style icon, and my dream destinations. Delight in the discussion of eclectic topics such as who I'd wish to pen my obituary, three life essentials and the advice I'd give my younger self. We also explore some profound topics like self-love, motherhood, and my vision of a “happily even after” life. It's an honest journey littered with pearls of wisdom, humor, and a whole lot of love. Tune in and let's connect on a soulful level!

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Hi, I’m Jennifer

I love helping women and men heal from betrayal. I originally started this podcast with my husband and since my divorce I have taken it solo. I love sharing and talking about the 50/50 of life and providing tools to help you along your path to healing.

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