Navigating Divorce: The Fear of Divorce and New Beginnings

As the frost of January chills the air, many couples face the thaw of once-warm relationships, prompting a surge in separations. I, Life Coach Jen, am no stranger to this season of change, having navigated my own divorce with its rollercoaster of emotions and fears. In the heart of this conversation, we'll travel through the landscape of divorce, armed with the wisdom from Jill Coils's revelatory book, “No One Dies from Divorce.” Our journey will also include a candid look at the process of conscious uncoupling, as we learn to treat the end of a marriage with the practicality it requires—sparing our emotional and financial resources by keeping our legal advisors focused on negotiations, not consolations.

Transformations await as we explore the rebirth of self and relationships in the aftermath of a marital split. I'll share the metamorphosis from obligation to empowerment, illustrating how we can author a new chapter in our narrative, distinct from the roles of spouse or parent we once performed. We'll uncover the art of finding common ground for successful co-parenting and discuss the magnetic pull of new dreams, opportunities, and identities that beckon us forward. And as we step out into the social arena once again, we'll embrace the exhilaration of making new connections, discovering joy, and writing our own stories of fulfillment. Join me as we turn the page to find companionship and hope in life's next chapter.

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Hi, I’m Jennifer

I love helping women and men heal from betrayal. I originally started this podcast with my husband and since my divorce I have taken it solo. I love sharing and talking about the 50/50 of life and providing tools to help you along your path to healing.

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