Square Pegs, Round Holes: A Journey of Self-rediscovery and Healing After Divorce

Ever felt like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole? That’s how I felt in my past relationship and guess what, I am here to tell you, it’s okay to be the square peg. This week, we tackle the uncomfortable truths and evaluate the lies that keep us tethered to unhealthy relationships. We also challenge the conventional narrative of divorce equating to 'giving up' and explore the potential it holds for personal well-being. 

Following a divorce, what does happiness look like? Sit tight as we walk through the journey of rediscovery and healing after the storm. We'll share authentic experiences of feeling like the ‘odd one out’ in relationships and how it's perfectly fine to walk away if things aren't aligning. Let's grow together and refine our edges with faith as the driving force, creating a life we desire. It's a deep dive into personal topics that challenges our perceptions and encourages a happier life, even after the most demanding hurdles.

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It is time to start healing instead of reeling from betrayal

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Hi, I’m Jennifer

I love helping women and men heal from betrayal. I originally started this podcast with my husband and since my divorce I have taken it solo. I love sharing and talking about the 50/50 of life and providing tools to help you along your path to healing.

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